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    3D Design
    Topics relate to Discovery SpaceClaim, Discovery Live and Discovery AIM
    RSS Feed 1.5K discussions 5.7K comments
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    Topics relate to HFSS, Maxwell, SIwave, Icepak, Electronics Enterprise and more
    RSS Feed 1.8K discussions 3.9K comments
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    Embedded Software
    Topics relate to SCADE Suite, SCADE Display, SCADE Vision and more
    RSS Feed 38 discussions 49 comments
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    Explicit Dynamics
    Topics relate to LS-DYNA, Autodyn, Explicit STR and more
    RSS Feed 508 discussions 1.7K comments
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    Topics relate to Fluent, CFX, Turbogrid and more
    RSS Feed 9.3K discussions 37.6K comments
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    Topics relate to Granta Design and more
    RSS Feed 147 discussions 390 comments
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    Topics relate to SPEOS, VRXPERIENCE and Optical Measurement Devices
    RSS Feed 6 discussions 4 comments
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    Topics related to Lumerical and more
    RSS Feed 732 discussions 1.5K comments
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    Topics relate to optiSLang, HPC, DesignXplorer, Cloud and more
    RSS Feed 144 discussions 489 comments
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    Topics relate to geometry, meshing, and CAD
    RSS Feed 1.9K discussions 6.5K comments
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    Topics relate to RedHawk, Totem, PowerArtist, RaptorX and more
    RSS Feed 5 discussions 62 comments
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    Topics relate to Mechanical Enterprise, Motion, Additive Print and more
    RSS Feed 8.4K discussions 28.7K comments
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    Topics relate to Twin Builder, medini analyze, VRXPERIENCE and more
    RSS Feed 121 discussions 261 comments

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