Ansys aaS connection with matlab



I was able to connect matlab with ansys using the toolbox provided. 

my problem is that i don't know how to transfer data from matlab to ansys. for example if I create a variable on matlab say:


a = 22;

This line doesn't work:

mapdlResult=char(iCoMapdlUnit.executeCommandToString('aas_parameter_test= a'))


is there a certain way of doing it? I cant seem to figure it out



  • JTWDJTWD inside the TardisPosts: 11Member
    edited November 2019

    hello, I'm sure you hope your find a solution for your problem. 
    I'm not sure but when you input mapdlResult=char(iCoMapdlUnit.executeCommandToString('aas_parameter_test= a'))

    The char will make it as just 'a', isn't it ?
    Good luck !

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