error in maxwell and simplorer co-simulation

Hello i need some help i am runing a an electric motor model made in maxwell and i am cosimulating it with simplorer .the error comes like ([Sim2000] Error - FEA1: ERROR - could not find a transient operating point before launching Maxwell >> Calculate at t=0.0005 s

 (9:47:54 AM  Oct 05, 2019)

please help me in this waiting for your kind response



  • chandus127chandus127 CharlotteMember
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    Can you please let me know if you've resolved this issue? 




  • GayaniDeSGayaniDeS Member
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    Were you able to solve this error?

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards

  • I need a help. i tried to simulate three phase IM in maxwell and all results are fine but after connecting that model with simplorer i faced issues like [Sim2000]

       Warning - FEA1: apparently hit a motion limit at S=0 (0 deg) in the FEA solver

       >>   Calculate

     (3:59:04 PM Sep 24, 2020)

    What are the reasons for this type of warning and is it effect results?

    Analysis set up for maxwell and simplorer. If tell me all below setting are correct or not? If not that are the setting?

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