Where I set the Tensile Yield per material?

José MantovaniJosé Mantovani São Paulo, BrazilMember

Hello Guys!

I try to do the Safety Factor in my structural analysis but I received a message that I should set the Tensile Yield before Solve the solution. I see, I have a option of input a custom value, but it not work. How can I make it? I dont find where to put this parameter on Engineering Data.

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  • pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USAMember
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    Here's the online help explaining how to use the Max Tensile Stress Safety Tool.

    I think you just need to select Tensile Yield Per Material 

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    Engineering Data has Tensile Yield and Ultimate on some materials in the database.

    If the material doesn't have that defined, you can drag that property out of the toolbox.

    then type in the values.


  • José MantovaniJosé Mantovani São Paulo, BrazilMember
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    Thanks for the attetion sirs! Pgl, I stay using a "added material", Polyamide 6. So, this method don't work, this material haven't in the Engineering Data. I will try as Peter said. But, thanks a lot!

    Good night!

  • rachelxiaoqirachelxiaoqi Member
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    Hi, I would like to ask where can i get the choice of Tensile Yield Strength, Compressive Yield Strength, Tensile Ultimate Strength and Compressive Ultimate Strength in the Strength category as for mine, there are only Orthotropic Stress Limits, Orthotropic Strain Limits, Tsai-Wu Constants, Puck Constants and LaRc03/04 Constants.


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