Pressure outlet without backflows in Ansys Fluent

Dear all,

I'd like to simulate under-pressure atmosphere over the water in the Ansys-Fluent computer program (this is one phase 3D simulation, where I set velocity inlet and outlet; and water was flowed through cuboid element); and I want to check influence of the under-pressure atmosphere on the hydrodynamic structure of the water flow (inside the mentioned cuboid element). Therefore, in order to do it I set upper boundary condition (upper wall of cuboid) to pressure outlet and I set gauge pressure (which describes the value of the difference between atmosphere and under-pressure atmosphere). Unfornutaley, when I simulate the water flow in the non-isothermal conditons through the mentioned element, the backflows (from pressure outlet boundary condition) temperature change the temperature of water in the entire cuboid. I don't want to change the water temperature, but I have to calculate energy equation.

Therefore, I would like to ask if this is possible to disable backflows option (in the pressure outlet boundary condition)? Or, is fluent has another option to simulate under-pressure atmosphere over the simulated fluid (especially during one phase simulation)? 

I still learn the the Ansys-Fluent computer program and the fluid dynamic, so, I may do some mistakes.

Best Regards.


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