Is it possible to append one DesignModeler Database into another DesignModeler Geometry?


I have created a geometry containing different sketches, bodies, planes, etc.. in one Design Modeler of a workbench project file, say wbp1.

I want to append the TreeOutline of this DesignModeler of wbp1 into the Geometry in another workbench project file wbp2, so that I can append it to already existing TreeOutline without erasing it. This is different from Load DesignModeler Database as this option would erase any of the previous sketches/planes of my new Geometry file.

i.e., I want to append the attached Tree Outline of one workbench DM file into another workbench DM file(this is already having some Tree Outline different from previous one)


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  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    One way is to bring the two Geometry models into two Mechanical Models, then combine them into one. This allows the DM features to remain intact.

    Another method is to export the geometry from each DM file into an export file, then import both files into SpaceClaim using the Assemblies tab and File + button, but you only get the solid model, not the underlying sketch.

  • vidyadharvidyadhar Member
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    Thank you peteroznewman for the answer.

    I am creating geometry for CFD(fluid flow) analysis in Fluent. May be it works. Thank you for the reply.

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