Ansys Maxwell Eddy Current Simulator

In the eddy current simulation mode in maxwell 3D, the current value you enter. Is that Vpeak from 0? Or Vpeak to peak?I attached a picture of what I am referencing.


So in the window am I generating a sine wave with a 6.788 A peak from 0?


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    Current (or voltage) values entered in the Eddy Current solver are peak values of a sinusoidal signal centered around zero.

    You can create a named expression in the calculator for: integral J at phase on a terminal and plot vs phase angle to see the sinusoidal waveform.

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    I am using the eddy current simulator for two winding planar transformer simulation.  please help in answering my few questions:

    1. While giving the coil excitation as current should I give the peak value "Ipk" or write the trapezoidal current equation?

    2. If I have two pcbs dedicated to one winding (two pcbs connected in parallel). Should I mention no of parallel branches as 2 or 1? Should i give the current excitation as "Ipk" or "Ipk/2"?

    2. After giving a peak value as excitation, the flux density is too high which leads to high core losses. How can I reduce the flux density?


    Thank you

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