Out-of-core memory mode problem

I'm doing a simulation about self piercing rivet separation of composite and aluminum plate. It's taking excessively long time to complete the simulation. I have checked solver output file. There shows this above message. I heard that if solver goes out of core memory mode than it's taking excessively long time to complete the solution process. My model's number of elements and nodes are not so large. I think that this computer configuration is enough to run this model in the in-core-memory mode. But the solver goes out-of-core memory mode. What is the reason behind this?

My model;

Total nodes: 234434

Total elements: 52080

My computer is quite old model. 


Processor: Xeon X5550 (16 CPUs) 2.7 GHz.

RAM: 32 GB DDR3 (1333MHz)


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
    edited November 2019

    The solver output says it needs 32 GB of free memory, but your computer only has 32 GB of installed memory and 4 GB of that is taken up by Windows and the solver, which only leaves 28 GB of free memory.

    First verify the maximum RAM your computer is capable of using.  I have an old laptop that can only use 32 GB of RAM.  Since you have 16 CPUs, I expect it can go to a larger number. Then go buy some RAM DIMMs and upgrade the computer to 64 GB of RAM (or 128 GB if you can afford it).  Note that if you are running Windows 7, it can't address more than 192 GB.  Windows 10 lifted that limitation.

    If you can't get more RAM now, carefully reduce the model size until you can run incore.

    Another way to speed up solutions, but less important that having enough RAM to run incore, is to have SSD storage to save the model and its temporary files on while the model is running.  If all you have is a HDD for storage, that is slowing down the solution process whenever files are being read or written, which happens a lot more with running out-of-core.

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