Voltage Simulation Linear Induction Motor

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I am simulating a 1 pole pair double sided linear induction motor with concentrated slot windings as shown in the picture below. Simulating the forces works well and the next step is to estimate the induced voltages in the coils. The windings are modeled as stranded coil terminals with a time dependent current, which are grouped into windings.

LIM Model 3D


(I am working with two symmetry planes)

I already know that you can, and I also did enable the computation of the induction matrices. My goal is to simulate the induced voltages in the coil the estimate the voltage requirements for the inverter, especially at high speeds. Therefore, I have the following questions:

  • Do I have to select apparent or incremental computation of the inductance matrix?
  • Do I have to model the coils different, e.g. model single wires to get accurate and useful results?

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    Hello Philip,

    to calculate induced voltages you are not required to turn on inductance computation, inductance computation it is just a post processing of field solution. However if you are still interested in calculation of L then you need to chose on your own, here is some info which might help: Apparent inductance is defined as the ratio of flux to current at a certain operating condition. Alternatively, this can be expressed as the slope of a line from the origin to the operating point on the BH curve. Apparent inductance is commonly used in nonlinear magnetic applications and in circuit analysis, and is the default method used by Maxwell. l Incremental inductance is defined as the ratio of delta flux to delta current at a certain operating condition. This is equivalent to the slope of the tangent to the BH curve at the operating point. Incremental inductance is commonly used in physical design because it is easy to measure.


    Voltage is calculated by motor designer from worst operating point taking into account motor specification like freq, slip

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