Stress-Strain diagram

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I want to plot stress strain diagram for a body in static structural analysis.Will I have to take the help of excel or it can be done in workbench?


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    Hello Shivani,

    The stress strain diagram relates to the material model, which you can exercise on a simple block with three planes of symmetry and a displacement BC. You can make plots in ANSYS but if you generate tabular output, it is very easy to copy and paste into Excel and if you know how to plot in Excel, then you don't have to learn how to make a plot in ANSYS.


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    I want to plot for a particular body.
    The final simulation that you had attached in the thread "Seeing the result after simulation";I have to plot results for all the three different bodies.But the amount of data that has been generated is really huge.I follow the order or "stress->export->export text file" and there the tabular data is generated in excel.
    Is this the right way?

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    To plot the stress or strain for a body, you use the contour plots. What do you need to show? The stress or strain on a particular plane? The stress or strain along a particular line?  For that you create Construction Geometry, like a Surface or Line and you can plot on that. If you want stress or strain along a particular line, then instead of colors on the line, you can have an X-Y chart with X being distance along the line and Y being stress or strain. All that can be done in ANSYS.

    What would you do in Excel with the data?

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    I need to show stress vs strain graph for a body.
    Data is too much so..I don't know what to do.

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    Here is a single element model that has an Elastic-Perfectly Plastic material model with a 250 MPa yield stress.

    I had ANSYS Chart plot the Stress vs Strain and you can see the load and unload curve for the material.

    If this was a large body with a lot of elements, each element will follow this material behavior. Some elements will not go up to the yield point, others will go past yield. Unless you unload the structure, you will not see the unload part of the Stress-Strain curve.

    I think it is important to show the behavior of the material over the full range of its features, without regard to any particular body or loading case.

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    Hi Peter,

    I am trying to reproduce the chart you attached for stress-strain when unloading the cube and I notice that your model setup has only one displacement setting. The FEM is missing either the support or the load isn't? Can you clarify?

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    Sorry I missed this question back in May.

    The missing supports may have been created under the Connections folder using No Separation Contact. The link below has a comment with a full description.

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