Tabulating Named Selection Results


Is it possible to tabulate distinct results values for different nodes, elements or named sections in a single results tool of the greater geometry, or at least the distinct geometry of interest?

For example, I am running a simulation where I want to extract/probe the deformation at a set of nodes and the stress at a set of elements over the course of multiple loading steps.  

I can manually probe these points, but they do not go to the "tabular sheet"; just the min,max,and mean over the result geometry do.  The probes do not change as I move through the steps in the animation.

The other option that I am aware of now would be to create a results tool for each named selection or geometry point of interest, then process the tabular data of each in excel. This seems inefficient.

I appreciate any advice.


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    Please reply with images inserted to show what you are getting now.

    Named selections used in a result for deformation or stress will have tabular output for all time steps of the maximum of the set.

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