How to mesh the leading edge to capture the gradient (Prism Layer)

jlheejlhee United KingdomMember

Hi all,

I have a leading edge, how do I make the mesh such that it is able to capture the round edge nicely? You could see some jaggedness.
Please see the image below. I am using ANSYS Mesher in Workbench. 




  • atulsingh92atulsingh92 Member
    edited November 2019


    1) Try giving proper named selections to the surface you intend to give boundary layers to. (Fluent meshing). Then scope select from the computed region, on the surface you want BL

    2) Also post a more clear picture on what are you trying to do here.

    3) If it is in ansys meshing, then firslty set/find appropriate min/max values for your "curvature" settings, then set an inflation layer to the "surface" you want BL on.

    hope these two points help.

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