Harmonic Acoustic with Mean Flow

Hi everbody,

I am working on the case about the effect of mean flow in Helmholtz Resonator. For this case, I am using an article and uploaded the article below. I validated the model no mean flow with using Acoustic Extension in Harmonic Response at version 18.1. Also validate at version 19.2 without Acoustic Extension. But I have a problem:

My model doesn't work with mean flow. I applied mean flow inlet surface with the right direction. Transmission loss and resonance frequency don't shift at any mean flow value. I get the same Transmission Loss Graph. But expected that it must be increase resonance frequency and decrease transmission loss amplitude. I tried another muffler model in ANSYS Verify Manual with mean flow then it works.

What would be the problems?

The model details and results in the article are below :

1) TL graph in the article

2) TL result with Harmonic Response using Acoustic Extension


3) Boundary Conditions and Geometric Model


4) Model Tree


Thank you for help



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