Use of surface elements SURF152 for heat flux load


I’m trying to apply a heat flux on a circle shaped area with the use of SURF152 elements via APDL command snipptes.

I apply SURF152 elements, select the nodes attached to selected SURF elements and select only the nodes within the circle radius around WPCS aka Y_p coordinate.

The code I use is subsequent following:

!BC Thermal/HFLUX:






/prep7                          ! Enter into /prep7 as ET and ESURF are valid only in /PREP7

et,101,152                      ! Create a new element type for SURF152                

cmsel,s,surface1                ! Select nodes on a face via Face named selection

type,101                        ! Set the element type as 101

esurf                           ! Create surface effect elements on the selected nodes

allsel,all                      ! Select everything back  

/solu                           ! Re-enter /SOLU


wpcs,-1,0                            ! WP @ GLOBAL ORIGIN

wpof,,Y_P                           ! OFFSET WP ALONG ITS Y AXIS (i.e. provide current position of center of circle along Y axis)

cswp,11,1                           ! DEFINE Cylindrical COORDINATE SYSTEM @ WP ORIGIN

esel,s,ename,,152            ! Select SURF152 elements 

sfed,all,,hflux                    ! Delete old hflux if any

nsle                                   ! Select nodes attached to selected SURF elements

nsel,r,loc,x,0,Radius         ! Select nodes within radius of circle, 0.005m

csys,0                               ! Set CSYS back to global

esln,r                                ! Select SURF elements attached to the nodes within the circle

sfe,all,,hflux,,H_FLUX      ! Apply hflux based on your calculation at the said time



And my other thermal BC's:





Does anyone know why the model isn’t working?

I’d be glad for any suggestions.

Best regards Holly F.


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