Parameterise beam section dimensions


I´d like to perform a parameterised design exploration and optimisation of a structure made of beams (i.e. line bodies). I already created the structure in SpaceClaim but now I cannot find out the way to define the beams section dimensions as parameters: they appear already as driving dimensions in the Groups tab of the section window which opens up when you edit the beam profile so it looked like this was the way to go to set them easily: 

section window

...but then, they do not show up anywhere: neither in the main window (where the actual beam structure is) nor are they transferred to Mechanical so that you can use them as parameters...

I know I could build the structure with midsurface-shell bodies and using the thickness (the main dimension I am interested in as input variable) that in this case appears automatically in Mechanical but I´d prefer to stick with the beam-based version and use the Solution beam-tool options...

Any ideas? It´d be appreciated.


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