How to export chart or Table results

Hi,I have results from a transient thermal analysis in Ansys Workbench 19 but I don't know how to automatically export results plotted against time for each design points.

I have to update my result for the design point I want and go back to Mechanical to export the chart or the table.

I tried with the parameter sets to make a design point for each time steps but Ansys resolve for each time steps.

Someone have another way to do that, please ?



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    If you could attach a .wbpz project archive file, perhaps of a simplified version of what you have, that would make it easier to look for a way to help you.

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    i want to extract nodal velocities at some nodes at all time steps (transient) to csv or dat format directly. i have written this code
    *DIM,VELY,ARRAY,3125,800 !!!!! FOR 800 NODES AT 3125 TIME STEPS

    still i am unable to extract results?? any help

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