How to import a 2D Sketch from Creo to Workbench? (What format does workbench accepts?)

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Hi all,

I am interested in creating a 2D sketch using PTC Creo (which I am familiar with as I can control the central coordinates x,y,z).

I am puzzled how do I create a 2D sketch and then imported into Workbench, I have done it easily for 3D domain (e.g. exporting x_t or igs files) and read them using workbench.

But I am not aware how do I work on a 2D sketch for Workbench. What format does it accepts? 

As I found it quite tedicious to sketch the domain in workbench which requires me to reverse working on the dimensions and resketch them.




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    I expect an IGES file can transfer the curves in the sketch into SpaceClaim.

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    Thanks for your info, I combined this solution with the one found in CFD-Forum:

    For other CFD students who seeking solution:

    1. Sketch in (e.g. PTC Creo) the lines (try with a square first)
    2. Fill them up using 'Surfaces' Tab - Fill so it turns the lines into a 2D surface body
    3. Export the 2D Body Surface as 'IGES format'
    4. Read with Workbench - I use Design Modeller, you could change analysis to 2D but should work fine with 3D
    5. Inside Design Modeller click generate

    Outcome: 2D Body, define the boundary condition names: eg. wall, inlet, outlet and click Export to ANSYS Fluent

    You should able to run in ANSYS Fluent but remember to select 2D Geometry at ANSYS Fluent start up tab.

    Hope it is helpful.



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    Once you create a surface in Creo, you can export that using Parasolid as you have done for solids.

    If you wanted to build a beam model, then you won't make a surface and must use IGES to export the curves.

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