Error: Boolean Operation Failed

Hi all, I am a student relatively new to CFD and I am currently facing an issue with creating an enclosure for the drone. 

I was able to upload the file into ANSYS Fluent and generate the geometry but an error message shows up every time I try to create an enclosure. Attached is the error message that constantly shows up and the type of bodies that the geometry use.

Will appreciate a lot if I could get some help in overcoming this situation! Thank you!



  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    Your geometry has 86 parts.  Delete all but the ten or so most important bodies.  On those remaining bodies, delete all non-essential faces. For example, small screw holes, etc.  Then try again.

    This is called the geometry clean-up task and can account for several hours of work while you are learning.  You will get better and faster at it with practice.

  • acwhacwh Member
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    Hi Peteroznewman!

    Thank you very much for the valuable feedback!

     I have removed the things that are deemed unnecessary in solidworks except for the main body and reduced the amount to 41 parts.

    I have also tried using boolean to unite the aircraft to 14 body parts but there is still an error message when I try to set up an enclosure.

    May I check if there is anything I can do to overcome this challenge? 

    Thank you!



  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    There are some faces that cause this error. I can have a look if you create a .wbpz archive file and attach it to your post.

  • acwhacwh Member
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    Sure thing!

    I have attached both of the 86 parts body and the 41 parts body in the file.

    It is my first time using .wbpz. files and this forum. Hopefully the attached files are alright!



  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    When I said several hours of geometry clean-up, I should have said several tens of hours. Here are a few examples.

    This is what you have...


    This is what you want.

  • acwhacwh Member
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    Hello Peteroznewnan!

    Thank you very much for the guidance!

    I have managed to create the enclosure after performing the geometry clean up as suggested.

    I appreciate the help a lot!
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