Changing dimensions programmatically and running simulations

Hello All,
This might be a novice question, but I have been trying to find an answer to it for sometime now without luck.

As an example, let us consider a bending cylinder. I'm currently importing my geometry into ANSYS Workbench 18.2 from my Inventor 2016 with certain dimensions labeled as parameters (DS_length, DS_diameter, etc.).

I wish to run several iterations of the simulation with one end of the beam fixed, the parameters modified a little, and record the displacement of the tip of the beam.

Is this possible to do in workbench with a set of APDL commands? I already have the commands to extract the location of the beam tip at the end of a single iteration. But I'm looking to run several iterations of the same with parameters modified.

I'm sure there's a set of tutorials online that I'm missing, that explains how to do this, but I was unable to locate the same. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to have a forum post with a collection of links to do the same.

Thank you.


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    I use SIEMENS NX11 and learned how to import parameters into Workbench. Many people use SOLIDWORKS, and I figured out how to import parameters into Workbench from there too. However, no one on a Student license can benefit from this because the Student license does not include the associative CAD interface required to allow parametric updates to work.

    Everyone has SpaceClaim, so it could be helpful to show how to add parameters to imported geometry for use in a Parameter Set design study in Workbench. I often find that the feature history used to create the shape of the part in the original CAD system is cumbersome when you want to study some shape parameters in Workbench. When I import geometry into SpaceClaim, all the feature history is gone, and I can move faces in SpaceClaim, while adding the move distance as a Parameter, so this capability may be preferred even by people with the associative CAD license.

  • RobbyRobby Member
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    Thank you for your video! 

    I have to more questions: is it not possible to set the output parameter with SpaceClaim and if I have a fluid simulation, is there anything else I have to pay attention to?

    Thank you!

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    The parameter P3 - Total Deformation Maximum is an output parameter from the Static Structural model.

    I believe you can add output parameters from FLUENT models, I may even be trying to do that this week.

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    Very good video peteroznewman! Just one addition to it, you can use the ruler tool (click on the face to pull and click on the ruler tool in the options of Pull as shown in the image below) to take reference from another face, so the width or height is absolute. And in this way, you can even reduce the dimension below what you started with.

    The input parameters for geometry can also be created using Move tool.

  • loperalaloperala Member
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    Hi @peteroznewman,

    Did you have any luck adding a Fluent output parameter to the sim along with an output parameter of another analysis system?

    I basically have that exact issue as shown below. As input parameters, I have 3 thicknesses from a 2D model built within Design Modeler. I have as an output max temperature from Fluent and max stress from Static Structural. Due to my temperature load import into static structural, when I attempt to update the design point, the simulation stalls right after computing the temperature parameter from Fluent and does not progress any further. Manually updating each system sequentially, however, does successfully solve so thus, I am a bit perplexed. Is there a specific setting or command I have to enable?

    Thank you in advanced. Luis

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    I haven't tried to use Parameters in Fluent.

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    Could you please update a small example with solidworks-workbench-fluent meshing-fluent-run example?

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