Heat flux through a surface

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Hi! im trying to put together a simulation about a metal foam heat sink. The model is relatively simple, there is the metal foam (something like RVE), a fluid domain (air) flowing at a 1 [m/s], and a heat flux from the "bottom" of the metal foam. the problem is that I haven´t been able to found a way of establish a heat source in a surface in such way that the heat flux flow only through the foam and, from the foam, through the air. I'm using ANSYS Workbench by the way.

I´m trying to put a heat flux entering the foam from the "selection" surface which is comformed by al the faces at z=0




  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    If you have an external boundary use a heat flux: this should be an internal boundary so you shouldn't be (magically) adding heat into the system.  To add heat via a solid use a source term. 

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