Simulation of a polymer flow under compression between two glasses.



I am trying to simulate the polymer flow under compression between two glasses at different temperatures(room temperature to melting points), I have a DMA test data of the polymer at different temperatures and frequency sweeps.(like Loss modulus, Storage modulus, Viscosity and Phase lags).

and I am stuck up with the following questions.




I know that Visco-elastic material consists of both Solid and liquid properties, if the phase lag between storage modulus and loss modulus is close to zero then it is more of a solid, and if it close to 90, it is more of an liquid. But my polymer material has a phase angle of 40 at 240 degree C.

I confused that whether I should consider my polymer as a very soft viscous elastic solid or thick Viscous fluid ? how to decide

Which solver should I use

1. Should I use the Ansys mechanical and model the polymer as solid visco-elastic material. Then, can I use the DMA data for fitting the coefficients of material models.


2. Should I use the Ansys Polyflow to model the polymer as non Newtonian fluid and inputting the viscosity data I got from the DMA test at different temperature for the fluid model.


Any solution would be appreciated.


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