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Hi all,


Can anyone advise the best way to import aerofoil point data to generate curves using Ansys Design Modeller that produces a cleaner trailing edge as its causing me issues with me inflation layer? 

RAE5225 transonic aerofoil point data attached. 

Images of point data plotted in Excel. 





Any questions or should I need to provide additional data please do not hesitate to let me know. 


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  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    Use three curves: top, bottom and trailing edge line. Where the curves meet at the top and bottom at the trailing edge does not require tangency.

  • daleajonesdaleajones Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.Member
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    Hi Peteroznewman,

    Great thanks for the advice!

    Geometry & mesh are starting to look much better.


  • daleajonesdaleajones Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.Member
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    Does anyone know if there are theory guides for design modeller as there are for Fluent?

    I'm interested in the method used to generate curves from point data? I'm struggling to validate my Fluent analysis with experimental data and after checking and re-checking inputs, setup and outputs I am starting to wonder if it could be related to the original aerofoil coordinates or the method in which the curves are generated from the coordinates. 

    Here is my plot of pressure coefficient against the experimental data. 

    Many thanks,





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    As far as I know theory guide for DM is not included in help. 




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