FE connections


II'm writing to ask you a clarification about an output I get in the displayed results. I don't understand very well the explanation reported by the Ansys guide about the FE connection which are visible in the results shaped as a fan beam. In particular I've noticed that when I edit the scale in order to exagerate the displacement for better understanding a FE connection appears in a region where there aren't any contacts. 

Ansys reports this: "During the solution, the Mechanical application will sometimes create additional elements or Constrain Equations (CE) for certain objects such as a remote boundary condition, spot weld, joint, MPC based contact, or weak spring. So that you might better understand how the boundary conditions are applied, the Mechanical application allows you to “view” these connections after a solution is completed".

So what is the entity of this FE connection? is it a new contact or boundary condition? How can this be useful?

Could you be so kind to help me?



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