visualization of 2D becomes 3D after optimization and extended density distribution



I am analysing a simple 2D MBB Beam. I drew it and toggled the '2D-analysis' option, then, I performed an analysis and optimization. Now I have 2 questions:

1) Is it possible to view the density distribution of a material when it is optimized. Right now I can see 3 colours (red, brown and grey) but I would like to have a range of colours, so I can see exactly how discrete my solution is and what the density of every element is.

2) when I transfer my result back into Space Claim, to perform an analysis on the optimized result, ANSYS stretches my design into a long 3D beam, which is not my intention. Any idea how I can transfer my 2D optimized result so I can analyse it further?

Thank you very much


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