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Hi all

I have been trying to mesh the drone as attached in the screenshot and I was able create an enclosure before but I couldn't run it during the set-up. I have done some reading online and also with some help from the ANSYS community, I learnt that there is actually a fault in my geometry so I have cut down some geometries to clean up to from over 80 parts to 36 parts.

However, I still receive an error box saying "Operation would result in non-manifold bodies" even after exporting the geometry as a solidworks part. 

I can't seem to find a solution and I hope that the ANSYS community could help me out.

Figure 1: Drone before Geometry Cleanup

Figure 2: Drone after Geometry Cleanup

Figure 3: Drone that was imported into ANSYS Fluent

Figure 4: Error Message when I try to create an Enclosure


  • kkanadekkanade Forum Coordinator
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    As ANSYS staff, we can not download attachments. 

    1. can you please use symmetry? You model looks symmetric. You can take only half of the model. 

    2. The faces are transparant, are they surfaces or solids?

    3. can you please delete fuselage and keep only wings and test if you can create enclosure. 




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  • acwhacwh Member
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    Hi Kkande

    Thank you very much for the suggestions.

    From the points that you have stated, I was able to identify which parts are the ones touching each other through the transparent view.  After that, I also removed the fuselage followed by the wing and the propulsion system one by one to identify and trouble shoot more parts that I may have missed. From there, I was able to generate the enclosure.

    I also noticed that I couldn't boolean the geometry but on closer inspection, I realized that I have assigned one of the solids as fluid and things are alright once I made the corrective action.

    Lastly, I split the geometry into half as it is symmetry to speed up the meshing and simulation process.

    Thank you for the help Kkanade! I appreciate it a lot!

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