Total heat flux post processing


I am using ANSYS Workbench Mechanical 16. I have a body in 3D. I want to integrate the total heat flux over the body. Right now I have two ways:

1. Is to select all the faces of the body(since all the face of the body are all on the surface) and then enter a user defined result, then select tfsum, export that result to excel ( it shows node numbers with their scalar heat flux values), then simply sum them up.

2. I gave commands in APDL, using ETABLE, where the table is given by element numbers and their heat flux values. This can also be summed up by exporting the result.

Which one of them is the correct way considering there is a 3 percent difference between them.

Also I think that the nodal values should not be simply summed up. There should be instead something of a weighted average to them considering the area. Anyone has an opinion?

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