Need help automating output result table to xls/csv/txt

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i am working on a pressure vessel design and currently looking at the correlation effect between wall thickness and pipe length, which i am using parametric study available with parametric design points in ansys workbench. i am working on a directional deformation along a path on a part of the wall. I wanted to ask whether ANSYS mechanical has a way to automate the export result to text file, since i am working with multiple design points (currently at 15 design points) and future design input might require me to use more design points.


I would like to ask if there's an automatic way (maybe through apdl /post1 scripting or something similar) so that every time i add or change parametric value of design points, ANSYS Mechanical will automatically export a table of values that i can process externally without having to go in each design point and export it one by one.


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    I have probably the same question as azmanazka

    I have simulated a model in ansys workbench R2020 with several load steps and I would like to export the deformation along some paths. (Name of the path: path A, path B, center line, and force direction). Manually I can copy the deformation from ansys into excel for example. Because I do not like clicking so much, I would like to export the data automatically. Is someone here in the community, who has done this already and can provide an apdl-script or show witch setting I need to set?

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