Turbulent compressible flow in a nozzle

Hi everyone,

I'm simulating a compressible turbulent flow in a nozzle, my problem is 2D.

I'm interested in particular in the value of skin friction coefficient.

What I'm doing is using different turbulent models with and without wall function.

My first attempt was with k-eps model that I know having problem with the eps equation at the wall and for that requires a wall function. I've performed a simulation with the Standard k-eps model and for the wall treatment I've chosen standard wall function and for the second case the enhanced wall treatment. 

Now I will use the Spalart Allmaras model and the k-omega model, I know that these two models don't have problem with the resolutions of the equations near the wall, so does the wall functions exists for these models?

For that I'm thinking that the request of using different models with and without wall function consists in using different wall function for the k-eps and simply using the Spalart model and the k-omega model, am I right?

Thank you,





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