divergence due insufficient memory for the solver engine


I'm trying to run a simulation but after some minutes I get the following error "Insufficient memory was available for the solver engine to obtain a solution.  Try simplifying the model to reduce problem size.  Please see the Troubleshooting section of the ANSYS Workbench Help System for more information"

The solver output provides this information


actually this error occurred after I unchecked the box "Distribute Solution if Possibile" in Solve Process Settings of Mechanical. Before doing that I had got the same error but after1 hour of simulation.

The pc I'm using has a RAM of 64 Gb, the hard disk where is my model is 464 Gb. 

In the WB Mechanical APDL settings under Tools I can see that database memory is 1024 Mb and Workspace memory 2048 Mb and processors are set to 2.

While in the Mechanical settings of my model under Tools- Solve Process Settings there are 4 max number of cores.

How can I overcome these problems without reducing the mesh quality of my model? 

Thanks for the attention.


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