Average Heat Loss in Regolith Furnace

Hey guys,

I am doing a simulation of a small regolith furnace for a student experiment. The furnace is heated with a heating wire, which is wrapped around a center surface (labeled 2) and at a constant 1300C, just like the entire inside of the furnace with the molten regolith. I have modelled the outside surface of the furnace with a radiation coefficient of 0,9. The outer shell of the furnace (labeled 1) is a steel cylinder, which is coated from the inside to have a radiation coefficient of 0,1. The outside of the cylinder (labeled 3) is cooled with air at about 40C with a thermal convectivity of 10.

The empty space will be filled with a vacuum container or an insulation material, but for now the assumption of empty space is fine.

I am now interested in the heat loss of the system, meaning the average heat flux over the outer surfaces of the cylinder, since this heat loss will determine how much power we will have to put into the heating wires to keep the inside temperature constant.

I am using ansys 16.2 and haven't found a method to calculate this heat loss of the system.

Thanks in advance



Btw. in the picture: Strahlung means radiation and the other 2 boundaries should be clear.


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