ACT extension for archard wear

I'm trying to simulate turning. For the simulation, I require an ACT Extension file for wear simulation. Is there is any step by step tutorial that could be followed for simulating tool wear? Else can you please make the Archard wear extension publically available?


  • I'm also looking for the same!!

    Can someone share what possibly can be done??

  • mrifemrife PHLForum Coordinator

    @rnambilakshmi & @guptaranjeet40 Which Wear extension? The Ansys Inc catalog does not have an extension for wear. But I've come across a someone on YouTube who wrote one and offers it from their web site.

    For more information on implementing wear see the Ansys Help -> Mechanical APDL -> Contact Technology Guide -> Chapter 14 on Wear (it might be a different chapter depending on the version you are looking at). Also see the MAPDL Technology Demonstration Guide, number 43 is a wear example.


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