Modal acoustic analysis

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I want to do some modal acoustic analysis on a silicon membrane as an acoustic region, I would like to consider two cases 1. Water or any fluid 2. Air. I actually tried for that but I am not able to Define FSI Interaction (Shows Question mark). The outer periphery is fixed and already considered as a structural.  My aim is to find out resonance frequency and mode shapes.

Thickness of membrane: 1um

Diameter of the membrane : 30um

I don't find any tutorial related to modal acoustic analysis. I have attached my file along with this discussion.

Does someone have experience in Modal acoustic analysis? I have gone through all workshop but I didn't find a solution. 

Download link:


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    please reply to this post 

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    Hello Sir, 


    Thank you so much for your reply. I was waiting for so long time but no one replies to me back. I found that in this video they use one-way FSI coupling. But my Actual task is to design CMUT(Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer). For that, I think I need Two-way coupling. right? In that, I have to define surrounded fluid medium and underneath of the moving membrane, there is one fixed substrate. I am trying to redo one research paper. Link of that research paper: Could you please help me how to do this?

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    hey Dhruvin,

    i am looking for ways to perform modal analysis of a beam in water. Is using modal acoustic analysis system the right way? I was planning to create a beam and then enclose it with the fluid. next I would have to define the FSI. but I didnt find a way to do that for my problem.

    looks like you have worked on something similar. so could you please help me with this.

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