Error from Fluent


I am currently trying to do a CFD simulation for my final year project at university, due to the corona virus at the moment, I am having to work from home. When I am trying to do the simulation, I am getting an error, I have imported my geormetry, and have made my mesh and completed setup, the same as I was doing at university, where this worked, and I have completed simulations there. The error I am getting is as follows:

Error: cx-run: can't listen on renezvous socket.
Error object: ()

Error: eval: unassigned variable
Error object: rp-3d?

Error: eval: unassigned variable
Error object: rp-3d?

once this has been posted in the console of fluent, the fluent application closes itself, and I get a meesage from ansys workbench saying:

The FLUENT application failed to validate the connection.

any help or advice would be appriciated, I am not particularly well versed with this software and am self taught, so if possible, please try to keep it simple.





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