DesignModeler loses surfaces / volume when importing CAD files

LacyLacy GermanyMember

Hello everybody,
I have the problem that when importing CAD files into the DesignModeler certain surfaces or even whole volumes of the body are lost.

The CAD file is a model of a F1 front wing attached to a F1 car. The file was created using SolidWorks where everything is still fine and all surfaces were filled. In total I have created about a dozen front wings from different years, but the problem occurs in a similar way with 3 different pieces.

In the beginning I had exported all files as STEP, but since the problems came up I also exported them as IGES and X_T. The same error always occurs at different places. As you can see in the pictures a piece of the front wing is always missing, be it a surface or a whole volume. The pictures are only for clarification and are a little bit different depending on the CAD file.

Unfortunately I don't know what to do to prevent this, attempts to use additional surfaces, radii or chamfers were not successful.

CAD: SolidWorks 2019/20 Student Edition

Screenshot of the CAD - ISO 1

Screenshot of the CAD - ISO 2

Screenshot of the CAD - Front View

Screenshot of the CAD - Brid View

Export: STEP; IGES; X_T
CFD: ANSYS 2019R2 (Student Edition)

Screenshot of the DesignModeler - STEP

Screenshot of the DesignModeler - IGES

Screenshot of the DesignModeler - X_T



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