Coupled Damage-Plasticity Microplane Damage Output

I am doing reinforced concrete beam column joint analysis using coupled damage-plasticity microplane model. How do i get damage visualisation of homogenized total damage (TOTA), homogenized tension damage (TENS), and homogenized compression damage (COMP) on Workbench


  • WenlongWenlong CanonsburgMember
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    The microplane damage output is not directly available in Workbench Mechanical. You would need a command snippet to output that.


    Please refer to PLESOL for more information:

    And here is an example you can try: 


    ! Graphics power needs to be turned on to view the rebars


    ! Enter /post1 module


    ! Show result as a png image


    ! Set the frame as the last substep of the 1st step


    ! Select the SOLID185 elements


    /trlcy,elem,0.5     ! Change them to transparent level 0.5 (0 is solid, 1 is completely transparent)


    ! Set view angle



    ! Show the whole section of the reinforcement


    ! Plot displacement


    ! Plot damage


    plesol, MDPD, TOTA






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  • gigihmprayogogigihmprayogo Member
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    @Wenlong, the solution visualisation shows for displacement only, if i check d snippet, it should be shows 2 image right? displacement and damage..

  • WenlongWenlong CanonsburgMember
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    Hmm, what about using these commands:

    It works for me:

    If it still doesn't work, maybe checking the concrete model? Is it possible you are using the Regularized Elastic Damage Microplane Material model? You can find more info about the material model here: You can also do a search "output" in that website to find related information.





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  • gigihmprayogogigihmprayogo Member
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    I already try your latest snippet but it still wont show..I'm using couple damage-plasticity microplane model, using CPT215 element with 2 extra DOF, here the snippet

    Or is there additional step or something that I have to activated?

    when I check at solution information it says:

    *** WARNING ***                         CP =       0.969   TIME= 15:43:50
     The requested MPDP data is not available.  The PLNSOL command is       

  • WenlongWenlong CanonsburgMember
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    Apart from your command snippet, I also have the following to assign the material to concrete, and request all the outputs. You can try putting it below your commands and see.





  • gigihmprayogogigihmprayogo Member
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    Thank you, finally it works, here the visualisation

    But another problem comes up =(, when I change the mesh size..the damage wont show, please advice

  • DrDalyODrDalyO
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    Hi gigihmprayogo,

    Would you mind posting the full command snippits you used in the end? I am also unable to plot the microplane damages TOTA, TENS, COMP, RW using the PELSOL,MPDP command. Error is "The requested MPDP data is not available."

    See the file : Commands

  • gigihmprayogogigihmprayogo Member
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    @DrDalyo, in prep7 snippet, make sure to request all solution: OUTRES,ALL,ALL

    And Here my latest snippet to plot the damage:


    !Change White Background

    /RGB,INDEX,100,100,100, 0

    /RGB,INDEX, 80, 80, 80,13

    /RGB,INDEX, 60, 60, 60,14

    /RGB,INDEX, 0, 0, 0,15









    To test my command and make it simple, I'm modeling cube uniaxial test (on my previous post), and assigning the microplane properties on solid body (same format with your attached snippet). But the damage only show if I used single element, if I mesh the cube, the damage plot wont show..still dont know how to figure it out

  • gigihmprayogogigihmprayogo Member
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    @DrDalyo, if you are still unable to plot the damage, try add command "set,last"  on your post prep i'm able to plot the damage


  • @Wenlong I am unable to view the damage at other steps whenever i try to use "Set,2,last" or any other substep, i don't get any output.

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