Impactor Simulation

I am doing a simulation of an impactor that will break a surface and I have a couple of questions:

Material: Titanium for the penetrator, surface: Concrete (couldn't find silicate rock properties in ansys, any suggestions?), subsurface: nickel 

2D to 3D topic:

- I am doing a 2D model with surface bodies, should I put as thickness the diameter of the impactor? I was planning on leaving it as zero or at least 1 cm to explain the reasoning that I was taking a small cross-sectional cut, but I think when I perform the simulation, because of my thickness is zero, it would not give me accurate results.

Contact topic:

- I have 2 fins as breakers so that the impactor does not go completely below surface. Ansys tells me that it doesn't support neither bonded or rough surfaces. How would I leave the fins in place? (picture of impactor attached)

- Between surface and subsurface I am putting also frictional surface, but I don't know the coefficient of friction between concrete and nickel.


-Any suggestions on how to break a nickel surface at a speed of 800 m/s with titanium? should I choose other material?



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