Need help (Cannot compute volume regions)

 Hey everyone! First post here

I've been trying for at least a period of two weeks to complete the meshing of my fsae mock up model but haven't had any luck. I don't know if it's a geometry issue but I cannot compute the volume region in my enclosure. 

I'm using fluent meshing

I followed a video by leap australia in youtube and after i re-import the size field, my front wing and rear wing convert into free faces. 
Essentially I do scope sizing, re-mesh, look at the mesh, export size field, re import size field. Cannot compute volume, check for leaks and self-intersections, external baffles 11 (.. 

The image is how the front and rear wing look after importing the size field. They mesh normally beforehand but even if I try to compute the volume region without importing the size field it does not work. 

I can share the file no problem. 

I would really appreciate the help. 


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