License Problem with Ansys 2020 R1

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I have a problem with the license, I don't have Analysis Systems in the toolbox. I tried to uninstall, reinstall the application, it did not give any results. I did everything that was described in this post:

When I use the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility and when I try to display the license status, I get the information "No SERVER lines in license file. (-13.66)" (I attach to this Screen).

It seems as if the program could not find the license and load it. By entering Workbench-> Tools-> License Preferences, I do not see any license that I have. (Screen 2)

How could I solve my problem?


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    Please post the questions in appropriate category. Moving this question to other category to get better response. 

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    Open CMD Prompt and issue the following command

    "%awp_root201%\..\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64\ansysli_util" -checkout ANS_DM

    what do you get ?

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    Thank you for your anserw. I got it: 

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    Open up that student.lic file in the error message and see the expiration date.

    If it's already expired, renew it with the steps here

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    hello, i have downloaded the 2021 version of ansys and after a few days i got a notification on the software stating that my trial is going to end in 10 days and that i should contact the administration to extend it. This is a free student version i dont understand why it has problems with the license. What can i do to renew the version?

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    ansys issue with the license should get resolved. I have been trying to make the software work for moths now! This does not happen with other softwares such as Comsol or LS Dyna. The 2019 didnt work for me even though i have followed all the steps, 2020 version stopped working when i installed the 2019 (apparently u cant have both versions) and 2021 will stop working for me in a few days.... worst software ever

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