Boundary Conditions in Static Structural

Hello to every one,

I have designed an assembly in SolidWorks which consists of load on both sides about 1000kg and fixed support on the center. In the analysis settings, I have chosen the Static structural. I have to check the deformation in the overall frame when load of 1000kg is acting on both sides. In the boundary conditions, I have added force F1 of 1000N and force F2 of 1000N along with Fixed Support. Do I have to add Standard Earth gravity separately?

Or is it okay if I add Force of 10000N which is appro. equal to 1000kg and ignore the standard Earth gravity?




  • AniketAniket Forum Coordinator
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    Assuming that you are using ANSYS Mechanical, I don't think that you can add load in KGs, it has to be in Newtons. Further, Standard earth gravity will only be applied to the model and the parts having the mass. If you choose to ignore the forces due to self weights, you can ignore the standard earth gravity.


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    Aniket, thanks for your support. I'm using Ansys Mechanical. I haven't understood your part "Further, Standard earth gravity will only be applied to the model and the parts having the mass ". So my question is - if I'm adding standard earth gravity as a boundary condition, then, for my load of 1000kg do I have to add it like 10000N or just 1000 kg is enough?

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    If you have a frame that supports a mass of 1000 kg, in Mechanical, you can Insert a Point Mass and attach that to the frame, then turn on standard earth gravity. If you do that then you don't need any force applied

    If you don't insert a point mass, then you can apply a force of 9810 N and don't use gravity.

    But what about the weight of the frame?  If the frame itself has a mass of 100 kg, then using a Force doesn't include the weight of the frame, but if you insert a point mass and turn on gravity, then the weight of the frame will be included in the analysis.

  • JoenyamJoenyam Abuja, NigeriaMember
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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to ANSYS, I'm analysing a continuous beam. Will like know the appropriate support provided by ANSYS to apply so as to depict supports in continuous beams.... I can see displacement; fixed and simply support in the frame.
    Also, how do I ensure that the self weight of the structure is the only load applied.
  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    Please make a sketch of the beam and the support you want. Use the Insert Image button to put that image into your reply post.

  • JoenyamJoenyam Abuja, NigeriaMember
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    Thank you for your response. I have attached a sketch of the continuous beam. I intend to use the line beam to model the beam.

    Thanks again!

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