Importing geometry into Ansys Workbench


I created a CAD file in Creo which was completely solid and then imported to the Ansys workbench but some of the parts are surface and others are still solid. I tried different format like STEP and Parasolid but didn't make change. Any helps would be appreciated.





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    Open the Geometry in SpaceClaim and use the Stitch button on the Repair tab to stitch the surfaces back into a Solid.

  • Hello Peter,

    I created a SolidWorks file for a geometry. The geometry for test surface in water tunnel. The created a solid geometry contain chamfered/fillet edges. When I import the SW as iges file to ansys fluent ( I imported the computational domain of the flow in the water tunnel as fluid), it was imported and opened. I made the mesh and running the model without any errors or warning!!!. When I start postprocess, all the chamfered/fillet edges appear as space. Is there any missed step in my imported process?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated,


  • Don't use IGES as a neutral file. It is the second worst file format.

    Best file format is Parasolid, second best is STEP as a neutral file between CAD and Workbench to mesh the solid geometry of the fluid domain.

  • Thanks Peter, Parasolid works fine with my case. I appreciate your help.

    Best regards,


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