Condensation-Evaporation of Air on The Surface of Plate

Hi all,

I want to simulate the process of condensation and evaporation from the air flowing through the pipe which the pipe can store heat from the warm air that passes through it and can release the heat back into the cold air through it (transient temperature).

I want to enter the value of Relative Humidity (Rh) and Humidity Ratio (W) of the air in Fluent. How to do it?

And I want to investigate the amount of condensate that occurs in the pipe (in the form of mass of condensate, kg, not in the form of Volume Fraction) in CFD-POST. How to do it?


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    You need a mixture if air and water vapor the later being the transport specie. At inlet you need to provide either mass or more fraction. You can easily create a function so that you input RH. Rh is a post processing variable. Along the wall you can account for condensation with Eulerian Wall Film Model or Condensate Lagrangian Wall Film model
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