Report Forces vs Report Definitions


My study is about analysing a rocket with ANSYS Fluent. I am trying to extract Drag Force. I get the value close to predicted through Report -> Forces after the simulation has completed. Usually it is around 600 N Total Drag. 

However, the Drag I compute through Report Definitions -> Drag Force and consequently I observe through Monitors -> Report Plots -> Drag Force is different, around 10'000 N. (see picture below) 
In both cases I select the same axis and the same wall geometry. I would like to get the Report Definitions working, since then I would be able to see the convergence of drag force with iterations. But also I want both values to be the same, to be confident in the result.
Would you be able to help me with this, please? What could be the reason behind the discrepancy in the results?

Some of my settings:
Pressure Far Field boundary condition was used with a Gauge Pressure of 86590.5 Pa, high-Mach number.
SST model, 30<y+<100


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