Unusual error of not getting the same results in numerical simulation of confined masonry structure

I am working on a research project of Numerical Simulation of Confined Masonry Structure. we are working on 10 by 10 block wall (I have attached image). The problem I am facing is that I am not getting the same sway results as my professor is getting as we are working on the same version of Ansys APDL. I am have confirmed all the values of sticking and normal stiffness constants, stress-strain curve, poisons ratio, etc etc. it has to do nothing with the numerical values or constants as my Professor has run the complete anlysis the wall and sent me the solved file. I am applying the same values, loads in steps, same no of sub=steps but could not get the same results. 

The first image is showing the sway of wall as a whole whose analysis has been performed by my professor. 

while the second image shows my workings in which the block displaces inward rather than the whole wall swaying. 

In the first load step I am applying 50 Pressure on top beam and in the second load step I am applying 0.03 m displacement on the brick which is being displaced. 

My concern is that the same conditions are being applied by my professor on the same file and he has got the correct sway but I am not getting it. 

Blocks are made of Solid65 while they are connected through elements ( an assembly of one contact element(Conta178) and two spring (COMBIN 39). 

 Analysis performed by my Professor

Analysis performed by me. Arrow shows the displacement of brick inwards.

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