Static failure & fatigue analysis of PZT

Hello everyone, 

I am a Mechanical engineering student, currently I am working on an energy harvester project using PZT-5A. I already have Piezeoelectric ACT Extension installed in my ANSYS, but I have no idea how to carry out the static analysis to test for the fatigue & lifetime of my PZT. I've watched a few tutorials about fatigue analysis, I see that the material properties needed are Strain-life parameters, Tensile yield strength, Compressive yield strength, Ultimate tensile yield strength and Ultimate compressive yield strength. But I've looked around on the internet but still can't see to find any of these properties for PZT.

May I know if any of you have done fatigue analysis on a piezoelectric material, and what is the method you have used or what are the material properties of the PZT and it would be great if you can share me your ANSYS file for me to have a reference. 

Thank you so much!

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