Beam related boundary condition issue


Body A = Flexible (solid 3d) (fixed support)

Body B = Flexible (solid 3d)

Joint = Universal Type

Body C = rigid (solid 3d)

(Body C is a vehicle. i want to treat it as rigid body and want to use its boundary condition.

I has wheels about it can translate axially when loads are applied and rotate likewise.)

Between Body B and Body C i want bonded contact. The wheel is shown just for demonstrative purposes. i am not simulating wheel.

Things done by me and Issues encountered

1.) Approach one

I modeled and imported, then i gave BODY C as rigid body.

Because of that the connection between BODY B and BODY C is void.

so unable to proceed from here.

2.) Approach Two

I took the imported model in space-claim and extracted BODY C as BEAM.

Then also i was not able to give boundary conditions.

3.) Approach Three

I removed Body C and put beam from connections options. there also i was not able to give boundary conditions on the beam.

P.S:- I am beginner in Ansys static structural analysis. I have been through lots of videos but was not able to get the solution. If somebody can point me to tutorials pertaining to the relevant issues, i would be grateful.


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    Very good explanation of your issues octane.  I assume you are in a Static Structural analysis. I will also assume that the X axis is along the diagram you sketched and the Y axis is up.

    Here is a simple way to model this system. Pick the face on Body B that connects to Body C. Insert a Remote Displacement. The details of the Remote Displacement have the X Y and Z coordinated of the "remote point". By default, those will be at the centroid of the face you picked. Simply type the Global coordinates of the location of the wheel end of Body C. If it is a car, maybe that is 4 m more in the X coordinate that you got. Now to represent the wheel, you can just type a 0 for the Y displacement, leaving all others Free. If you don't want the wheel to go sideways, also type in 0 for the Z displacement.

    One change recommended is to change the Behavior from Deformable to Rigid. That means whatever face you picked behaves like a rigid face on the flexible body. If you don't like that, you can try Deformable.

    Two of the approaches can be made to work.

    1) You can insert a Fixed Joint to connect a face on Body B to the rigid Body C.

    2) You can use Bonded Contact between a face on Body B to the vertex on the end of the Beam line body.

    Approach 3 won't work because after you remove Body C and use Connection > Beam you don't have a body to connect to, and you don't want to connect to Ground.

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