UDF of heat flux with respect to x direction on the surface of complex geometry in ANSYS Fluent

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a school project and I am trying to analyze a single channel geometry in a regeneratively cooled rocket nozzle. On the hot gas side of the nozzle I have calculated the heat flux to the wall at discrete points from x=0 to x=length of nozzle.I want to apply these heat fluxes with respect to the x-coordinate on the inner surface of the nozzle. I currently have the tabulated data attached in a .txt file. Keep in mind this is not time varying it is only position varying and a steady state problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


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    We, Ansys Employees, do not look into the attachments. If you are now using a recent release you might benefit from using the simple Fluent Expressions to prescribe the profile you want and to avoid writing UDF's. Alternative is to use directly the profile you have after doing some formatting as boundary profile. Please have a look into the documentation and search for "Profile" in the User's Guide,

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