Moving Heat source

I am working with Ansys for my university projects I have some quaries regarding ACT extension of moving heat source.
Question 1) In transient thermal analysis there is option to select Tabular data for convection which is already defined with in the application with this equation q/A = h(t s - t f) ,I would like to know what is the film coefficient (h) used by ansys for this convection tabular data.
Question 2) we have two options in the ansys moving heat source extension i.e, moving heat flux and moving heat energy. As document attached in extension says both are the same except absorption coefficient is needed in moving heat energy,but I was little confused here with the options i.e, In moving heatflux there is an option "source power intensity" and in moving heat energy there is an option "source power" but it has same units for both the terms in ansys may I know what is the difference between these two terms and how can I define them.
Question 3)I want to simulate moving laser on glass substrate i.e, laser glass deposition and glass welding processes could to plese suggest which solver (Moving heatflux or moving heatenergy) is suitable for this simulation.
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