Discontinuity Across Shell elements (APDL)


I preformed a static structural analysis using Ansys Workbench.

I have been trying to export stresses using APDL commands from a geometry, which is constructed of shell elements (SHELL181).

The geometry is a multi-body (of shared topology mid-surfaces) and the stresses were extracted by PRNSOL command.

As I export the stresses, I see a discontinuity in them in the connection line between the components, as shown in Image1.

The stresses in the workbench are OK and I don't see the same phenomenon, see Image2.

I have tried looking at different layers of the shell (Top, Bottom) but there it still acts the same in the contact between the mid-surfaces.

When I look at each mid surface in the workbench desperately, I don't see anything unusual.

If anyone has an idea how to solve this - please let me know. Thank you


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