Running System coupling in HPC

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to run system coupling(Fluent and Transient Structural) on HPC.

I have Mechanical export a mapdl.dat and mapdl.scp files. 

I have Fluent export a fluidflow.cas and fluidflow.scp

I have the Coupler export scinpt.sci

Then I put them all on the same Linux directory and call them with the slurm commands:

systemcoupling -R

And below is the contents of the file

ImportSystemCouplingInputFile(FilePath = 'scInput.sci')
execCon = DatamodelRoot().CouplingParticipant
execCon['Solution'].ExecutionControl.InitialInput = 'mapdl.dat'
execCon['Solution'].ExecutionControl.WorkingDirectory = 'Structural_Run'
execCon['Solution 1'].ExecutionControl.InitialInput = 'fluidFlow.cas'
execCon['Solution 1'].ExecutionControl.WorkingDirectory = 'Fluid_Run'
execCon['Solution 1'].ExecutionControl.PrintState()

After running my job seems that system coupling starts but after that there is an error that "can not find initial input file mapdl.dat" while the mapdl.dat is in the same directory with other files.


I will appreciate if anybody gives me any suggestion may help.

Thank you



  • maryammaryam Member
    edited April 25

    i could solve the problem and run the system coupling successfully on HPC. 

    But now i have speed problem since it takes more time to run system coupling on HPC than desktop.

    Any idea or solution may help?




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