Condensation on cold surfaces

So my model involves a 0.04m x 0.08m plate. The material is aluminium. One end of the plate is cooled to 273K and the other end is left at room temperature ie, 300K. Whenever i am doing this simulation my contours regarding temperature and pressure comes out fine. But the problem arises when my contour is showing all blue for my water_vapour and water_liquid domain(Now this is applicable for all my time periods). My primary phase is water_liquid and secondary phase is water_vapour. The interaction is "Vapour to liquid" as this a condensation process. The initial conditions are kept at 290K and Water_vapor volume fraction is initially 1. Please help me out in this....


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    Are you using Ansys Fluent? What are your initial conditions? Could you share a screenshot of your domain? Also, what boundary conditions are you using?

    Can you also share the screenshot of your volume fractions so we can understand the issue better?

    Also, I'm moving this post to the Fluid Dynamics thread for better visibility.

    Thank you.



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    are you condensing a mixture or pure fluid? Which models are used?
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